Troubled times is exactly why I became addicted to Hallmark Christmas movies this year. It's also the first year I had the Hallmark Channel. Now I see all I've been missing. NO, I don't get tired of all the decorations, I love them! And looking for the true meaning of Christmas and working out family problems. People coming together in the end. I love the happy endings. I WANT happy endings. It was definitely Comfort TV for me.

I totally agree with giving the Darcy Award to "Tis the Season to be Merry." That was my favorite movie, too. It had Rachel Leigh Cook, a known accomplished actress, and I thought Travis Van Winkle (what a cool name) was fantastic. You can't have "rules" for love, it just happens.

I'm glad I didn't watch "Nine Kittens of Christmas," since it got the de Bourgh Award for Worst Movie. I read the descriptions of the movies before I watch them. The actual content of the story is an important factor for me.

I've enjoyed some movies that others may consider silly. I liked "The Christmas House" (from 2020) and "Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls" (2021). With Treat Williams and Sharon Lawrence as the parents, they invite their two estranged sons for one last Decorating Contest before they sell their house (and maybe break up). One son is a lawyer on a reality TV show and the other son is a baker and a happily married gay man.

Another reality show sets up a contest between the two brothers. I thought the images of the over-the top lights and decorations was delightful, and the competition between the brothers made for some very funny dialogue. And of course, the reality lawyer falls in love with the childhood friend and realtor who is selling the house.

You have encouraged me to watch other movies I missed. Thanks for your report, Jon.

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Always good to read a post from another Hallmark enthusiast. Competition was definitely tense in the Christmas House 2.

I was a little hard on the cats in Nine Kittens but I could not resist.

Continue to enjoy Hallmark

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