S14 E16 – The Bro Show Live Episode

Ask Yourself:

What do skiers and rabbits have in common? What’s the difference between an antigen and an androgen? What does an enemy of the state and a prostate have in common? Saddle up, boys ‘n’ girls, for this 28 minute video extravaganza that is The Bro Show.

Segments & Links:

  1. Animal Story: The Bunny Hop [7:27]

  2. Word: PSA [11:12]

  3. Two Takes: A PSA for PSA (Prostate Cancer) [14:10]

  4. Groaners [22:50]

  5. Spirit in the Sky [24:58]



  • Clark Street Ale House and Hy-Vee grocery Store for hosting us

  • Mary Jane Daniels for her incredible video editing and recording

  • Jason Otto and Brett Pontoni for all their help in Chicago

  • Green Day, The Ramones and Norman Greenbaum for their music used herein


This week’s show is sponsored by the Animal Legal Defense Fund—a nonprofit organization that protects the lives of animals and advances their interests through the legal system. Buy one of their shirts or donate to help fund their worthy activities.

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