Jun 3 • 23M

S12 E23 – The We Gotta (Rat) Guy Episode

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Jon Daniels
The Bros began weekly podcasting as a way to deal with their cancers. Before long, therapy gave way to discovery, wonder, and really bad jokes.
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Ask Yourself:

What’s the meerkat approach to controlling pests? When is a Czar not really a Czar? What distinguishes the Bros’ solution to the rat problem in NYC from all others? Luckily, it does not take a meerkat to find the answers in this 22 minute episode of The Bro Show!

Segments & Links:

  1. Animal Story: The Meerkat Pest Control Company, LLC [6:12]

  2. Word: Czar [13:01]

  3. Two Takes: We Gotta (Rat) Guy [14:07]

  4. Groaners [21:23]


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