Jan 21 • 29M

S12 E03 – What ARE the National Archives?

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Jon Daniels
The Bros began weekly podcasting as a way to deal with their cancers. Before long, therapy gave way to discovery, wonder, and really bad jokes.
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Ask Yourself:

Why does Jon think we should look into meerkat housing? What is the difference between a library and an archive? How will learning about NARA help us with the presidential documents controversies? It takes a 29 minute episode of The Bro Show to find out.

Segments & Links:

  1. Animal Story: Meerkat Housing [8:31]

  2. Word: Archive vs Library [14:51]

  3. Two Takes: The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) [17:09]

  4. Groaners [27:41]


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