Oct 15 • 29M

S11 E17 – Hallmark Holiday Movies Preview

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Jerry Daniels
Jon Daniels
Brothers Jon and Jerry began podcasting as a means of dealing with their cancers and recent loss of family members, but then things quickly got out of hand.
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Ask Yourself:

When asked to find a gift featuring a tiger, one brother chose a beer bottle opener and the other a Chinese talisman for fearlessness. Which brother chose which gift? How many Hallmark holiday movies could you watch between now and January 1st? Escape the cycle of birth and death during this 27 minute episode of the Bro Show!

Segments & Links:

  1. Tiger Gifts: Magnetic Tiger Bottle Opener and Auspicious Chinese Cloth Tiger [5:52]

  2. Word: Rechristen [12:48]

  3. Two Takes: Hallmark Holiday Movies Preview [15:19]

  4. Groaners [27:46]



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