Oct 1, 2022 • 27M

S11 E15 – A Tiger Cannot Change Its Stripes

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The Bros began weekly podcasting as a way to deal with their cancers. Before long, therapy gave way to discovery, wonder, and really bad jokes.
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Ask Yourself:

Why would Jon consider paw-printing a tiger? Where did folks go to seek asylum in medieval times? Find out by listening to this 27 minute episode of the Bro Show!

Segments & Links:

  1. Tiger Story: AI of the Tiger [7:01]

  2. Word: Asylum [12:57]

  3. Two Takes: Seeking Political Asylum Is NOT Unlawful in U.S. [15:24]

  4. Groaners [25:40]

Bonus: Jon’s OKC Travelogue



This week’s show is sponsored by Big Cat Rescue—a not-for-profit organization that rescues and protects big cats (like our friend the tiger) who find themselves in peril from humanity. Buy a shirt or donate to help fund their worthy activities.