Sep 3 • 27M

S11 E10 – Captain America

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Brothers Jon and Jerry began podcasting as a means of dealing with their cancers and recent loss of family members, but then things quickly got out of hand.
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Ask Yourself:

Why is it that we can see a tiger in the jungle, but a boar cannot? What’s blue and white, and can survive fame, concussions and catholic grade school? Get all the answers during this 26 minute episode of The Bro Show!

Segments & Links:

  1. Tiger Story: Stripes, Part Deux [6:56]

  2. Word: Exemplary [10:16]

  3. Two Takes: Captain America [11:14]

  4. Groaners [25:41]



This week’s show is sponsored by Big Cat Rescue—a not-for-profit organization that rescues and protects big cats (like our friend the tiger) who find themselves in peril from humanity. Buy a shirt or donate to help fund their worthy activities.