The Bro Show with Them Daniel Boys
The Bro Show with Them Daniel Boys
S10 E11 – Chain, Chain, Chain!

S10 E11 – Chain, Chain, Chain!



Why are Gray Whales easier to watch? What does our word have in common with George Lucas? Would Aretha have liked our Two Takes topic this week? David Seville? This 26 minute episode of The Bro Show will break through your chains.



This week’s show is sponsored by Save the Whales—a not-for-profit organization that preserves and protects the ocean and its inhabitants. Buy a shirt or donate to help fund their worthy activities.

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The Bro Show with Them Daniel Boys
The Bro Show with Them Daniel Boys
The Bros began weekly podcasting as a way to deal with their cancers. Before long, therapy gave way to discovery, wonder, and really bad jokes.