Oct 24, 2020

S07 E18 – What Would Lincoln Do?

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The Bros began weekly podcasting as a way to deal with their cancers. Before long, therapy gave way to discovery, wonder, and really bad jokes.
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In this week’s Rat Story you’ll discover an alternative rodent called the Rat Fink. The Word is “Polemic,” which has nothing to do with the pandemic. The Boys give their Two Takes on The Lincoln Project—a Political Action Committee which may have unanticipated effects after this year’s U.S. elections. One of this episode’s Groaners comes from a surprising source and is presented by Jerry, not Jon.

Both Brothers were uncharacteristically congratulatory toward each other regarding their Groaners. I guess we have to make up our own minds as to who had the best one. But it really wasn’t a contest. Really.


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